Thursday, July 19, 2012


It is time to resurrect my blog. 
Facebook and Twitter seem to have played havoc with my blogging activity. 

First and foremost, I managed to get rid of that bloody malaware that had parked nonchalantly on my web log. That took sometime; Google and a certain Mrs. Hebbar helped.

Sitting in an air-conditioned faculty room at Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai, I ponder my next sentence.

Let me begin from where I left off. 

Life has changed drastically since the arrival of the twins, Dan & Lisa.
Our whole world revolves around them. Now that they are off to pre-school, my equal half Ann, gets some free time. But inevitably she is inundated with house work. Finding help, domestic help I mean, is an arduous task. The ones around are either sloppy, snobbish or expensive; productivity be damned!
We have reached a situation where, in future, domestic chores will have to be done without any external help. 

On the teaching front, teaching intermittently at TAPMI is passé.
If there have been two stints, a third one would follow in the year to come.

did a stint at SIBM; courtsey my friend Dr. Pankaj Gupta who reigned as Director for 2 years.The proximity to Directors ensure that you move when he moves; albeit I am yet to visit him at his new place of work. 

My relationship with IIMK grows and flourishes. 

And then we stopped our popular CA classes.Don't be shocked. 
Me and my partner Naveen were getting strangled by the class.
No, its a mistaken notion, which my detractors have, that I made my fortune there. Actually we were out of pocket. Yet, it did feel sad; considering the flak that we received from the 120 odd CAs that we helped along the way!

Have been invited to Great Lakes by a friend; the indomitable Dr. Tapan Panda. And this time I'm looking at Analysis of Written Communications for the 1st years. Nothing like having enthusiastic students, eager to learn, in the class. It makes the subject that much more interesting to teach. I know, these are early days, will do my best to keep the enthusiasm flowing. 

On the vehicle front, I invested in a Toyota Innova two years ago. 
Great vehicle; addicted to using it  - even for short trips in and around town.

On the gadget front; the Ipad is my latest acquisition. 
It amazes me. And everyday I learn something new. 

On the digital radio I'm totally addicted to BBC Radio 2; Chris Evans, Jeremy Vine, Vanessa Feltz & Nikki Bedi - great presenters; and their sense of humour is both awesome and contagious!

On the health front my age and fat are having an affair. 
Cannot separate them - and can't reduce both either. 

And life goes on. 
Wonder whats been happening in your lives.....

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