Friday, November 05, 2010


Its been too long since I last posted. There are no excuses; I should have found time to post. Many things have happened since I was last here. One, that stands out, is my return to TAPMI.

B Schools are heading for a crisis. My colleagues at the IIMs may not agree; but private B Schools are finding it difficult to survive. Moreover, Business Administration is fast turning out to be just another degree. Will there be a makeover? And when would it happen?

Another worrying factor is the fact that 85% of B School graduates aren't employable - they just do not possess the skills sets for the workplace. I have always maintained that student particpants have to be educated in life skills; as what they take to their workplace is 100% of their personality & probably just over 20% of what they are taught in class. Isn't it time the powers be take stock and suggest changes?

Will be back soon with more. Until then, wish you all a Very Happy Diwali!


rt said...

Glad to have you back!!
I wud be really happy to have some of these so called MBA institutes closed...(and similarly engg and others) who dont impart any skills/education but are a center for passing time and wasting money specifically by the rich.
and this is not the case just with the higher education the basic education system has similar problems where a 5th std student cant write even his name properly!! :(

Abhay Dhall said...

Is it the TAPMI effect, Sir? I hope it is not.


Abhay Dhall said...

Is it the TAPMI effect. Sir? I hope its not.

Prashanth Kamath said...

Good Article sir...