Friday, June 29, 2007


‘I sit and talk to God; and He laughs at my plans’

- From the lyrics of the song ‘Feel’ by Robbie Williams

The conversation veered to worry. “Why do people worry?” I asked. There was silence. It was usual; a loud silence followed by a frenetic pace of transfer of ideas. It usually reminded me of the modem.

The wind howled heralding the beginning of another bout of rain. The tall coconut trees swayed as if intoxicated. Leaves and debris stirred to life by the wind danced with no particular rhythm. The angry dark clouds were moving fast to drop their load of water onto Mother Earth. All were having a swell time; except man. He worried.

I sipped from the cup. The aroma of tea and its warmth stoked an ember within. Sighing I reached for keypad. It was time to record the conversation.

Why do people worry?

The transfer of ideas was now taking place. The pace was fast and furious.

People worry because:

  1. They live in the past and place their hope in the future.
  2. They do not see the funny side of life – some of them never!
  3. They never keep themselves busy – instead they worry!
  4. They fail to examine the record – according to the law of averages; what are the chances that the event one is worried about will occur?
  5. They do not do the very best that they can.
  6. They count their troubles – not their blessings!
  7. They do not forget themselves by becoming interested in others.

The rain fell at a steady pace forming rivulets on the road below. The wind was at it again. It howled. There was a deep rumble of thunder. The conversation had ended. A loud silence followed.

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harsha said...

People worry when they have nothing else to do. After all, an idle brain is the devil's workshop. Keep them loaded and maybe they'll be happier.