Monday, August 03, 2015


Look around you my friend.
Look carefully.
Listen my friend.
Listen carefully.
You & I have become enemies. 
Did we fight.
Was it a war? 
We sold our souls to a crafty few.
They call it Politics.
I call it evil. 
We have been divided.
Your caste is pit against mine.
Your creed is pit against mine.
Your religion is pit against mine. 
Don't you see what they have done to us?
We don't talk anymore.
We have become rabid.
We fight for them.
We fight for their ideology.
We lay down our lives for the evil few. 
Wake up my friend. 
Look around you my friend.
Look around carefully.
Forget creeds, castes and religions.
Forget politics. 
We have one life on this earth.
Let's try to make the most of it. 
Can I be your friend again?

(First published on my FaceBook page on 1st August 2013)

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