Monday, February 12, 2007


The Circle of Contemplation, IIM Kozhikode

I was at my critical best, watching a pretty starlet being interviewed on TV. The line of questioning was the same as in innumerable interviews that you get to see on the ‘idiot box’. I must have gotten under the skin of my friend, who remarked ‘Lets see you questioning in a different manner’! That got me thinking. What could be different?
Therefore, I put my grey cells to use and came up with the following line of questioning. Just to make it that much more interesting, I have answered the questions posed.
I drive/ride: I love to ride my scooter. It’s the best way to get about; given the present circumstances of clogged roads. I also like to walk. Busy schedules, sometimes, keep me from doing it. People have been walking for years. You see more as well when you walk.
If I have the time to myself: I like going to the mountains. Trees and mountains can teach you what books cannot. Nature fascinates me. I would love to pitch tent on the banks of a stream and spend sometime there. Unsavory mosquitoes, creepy crawlies and snakes pose a problem though!
You wouldn’t know it but I am no good at: Patience. I am absolutely impatient. The trinity of my mother, my sister and my wife will vouch for that.
Comfort eating: Soup and a sandwich
When I was a child I wanted to be: Progressively I changed my ambition – Auto Driver, Bus Driver, Teacher, Priest, Loco Driver, Pilot, Cricketer, Author …..endless. But looking back, guess I still want to be a locomotive driver. I continue to be fascinated by trains!
I wish I’d never worn: I cross- dressed once to surprise a pretty girl. Guess I scared her. Don’t blame her; imagine seeing a girl with a moustache & very hairy legs!
My favourite building: St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City - an architectural delight; but if one goes by intrigue, the ruins of Belur & Halebeedu in Hassan District of Karnataka State. What prompted the rulers to erect these buildings in an out-of-the-way place? What happened to the builders?
It’s not fashionable but I like: Avoiding big fat Indian/Mangalorean weddings. They embarass me no end - particularly the toast and the bridal march & the crowds. I wish each time I could attend a wedding with just fifty people as guests!
The shop I can’t walk past: Crossword, Sorab Hall, Pune. I like to browse the book collection and the music ollection. I can spend hours together lost in the wonderful world of fiction & music. The best invention ever: Tablets (medicine). Can’t imagine what we would have done without them.
These would have been my 10 questions to any famous personality or for that matter to anybody. It would open up a treasure trove of information. Most importantly, it would keep the conversation going for hours together.
What about you? Will you answer my 10 questions?


rt said...

nice line of questioning Sir..

Seema said...

How did you ever think that would pleasantly surprise her? :))....

too funny...that was!..

tils said...

I drive/ride
I love to ride my bike, moreover I don’t feel free on someone else’s vehicle. It still remains a wish to emulate all reel bike riders a la bruce willis in pulp fiction. Not much of a biker freak though, I would like to stay silent when people talk about bikes or cars.

If I have the time to myself
I would write, and if more time, I would make people read it.

You wouldn’t know it but I am no good at:
Technology, gadgets give me a heart-attack. I am absolutely zero at logistics-procedures, forms, bank accounts, ticket bookings, bills, addresses, travel trivia, cricket and the works.

Comfort eating:
Instant Popcorn, makes me feel like a movie theatre even at home.

When I was a child I wanted to be
An Aeronautical Engineer. I heard it somewhere and told it to everyone to sound like someone with a, well, ambition.

I wish I’d never worn:
Things to impress girls. They never worked.

My favourite building:
Cathedrals give me a sense of calm. Then the exact contrast-jazzy city skylines with lots of metal and glass. Love them.

It’s not fashionable but I like:
N.A. I am a sucker for style. The faker the better.

The shop I can’t walk past:
Old bakeries which are open in the dead of the night. Irresistible.

The best invention ever:
Anything that plays music and movies

tils said...

couldn't resist answering the questions, sir!


harsha said...

Here's my tuppence :)

I drive/ride
A Royal Enfield Bullet. Nothing else on two wheels is comfortable!

If I have the time to myself..
I would run off to my ancestral village and our old house with a huge mango tree.. I still love dozing off on it's branches..

You wouldn’t know it but I am no good at:
Sentimental stuff. I find them extremely umcomfortable!

Comfort eating:
Anything spicy, or just anything vegetarian, for that matter!

When I was a child I wanted to be..
A wildlife vet. I still wish I'd stuck to it!!

I wish I’d never worn:
Nope. No regrets here!

My favourite building:
Our house in Bangalore.. Have a lot of fond memories there..

It’s not fashionable but I like:
a) Getting dirty with my bike. I can spend hours cleaning her up!

b) Weddings! Having been out of Bangalore all through my childhood, that's the only place I ever meet my extended clan!

The shop I can’t walk past:
a) Pet shops!
b) Blossoms, Churchstreet, Bangalore. The msuty smell of old books stacked all over the place is simply mesmerising!

The best invention ever:
The Royal Enfield Bullet!

Anonymous said...

Your post reminded me that i too wanted to be a train driver as a kid. :)


Arun R said...

I guess every guy's first ambition is to become a bus driver.. then a train driver... :)