Sunday, January 14, 2007


Fourteen days of 2007 have passed us by. It is time to take stock of the resolutions that we made on December 31st 2006. I don’t know about you, but I have in the past few years managed to stick to some resolutions at least. For example, last year I gave up the odd cigarette that I used to smoke in the company of friends. I thought that was quite an achievement.

Many of us make the usual resolutions and promptly break them in the first week of January. A census conducted shows the following as the ten most common resolutions made for the New Year:

Lose weight, Stop smoking, Stick to a budget, Save more money, Find a better job, Become more organised, Exercise more, Be patient at work/with others , Eat better & Become a better person.

This year I have made a few 'achievable' resolutions:

  • I have decided to reduce my travel – Past two years have been pretty hectic
  • I have decided to dedicate some time for a sport – I used to play a lot of shuttle badminton; and have decided to resume playing once again
  • Lose a few inches from around my waist
  • Learn ballroom dancing – My wife is longing to learn; and I have decided to help her out
  • Continue posting in my blog, at least once a month
  • Continue work on my novel – at least put in 25 pages of quality writing
  • Put together my mother’s collection of hand written recipes in a book-form.

I have commenced work on all fronts. After a fortnight, I feel confident that I will be able to achieve some of these resolutions. That’s because I have put down that which can be achieved. Are you doing the same? Are you pursuing achievable goals?

Last week an old acquaintance visited me at my office. He was going through a phase; not being able to achieve his goals. That’s when I remembered the above picture. I pulled it out of my archives and blew it up on my PC screen and invited his attention to it. He pondered for a while, stared at me, blinked twice and murmured ‘nice picture’. Knowing him, I knew his mind was ticking. That evening he called me to say that he wanted the picture. I have forwarded it to him.

It does not matter whether they are New Year resolutions or goals that you would like to score during your lifetime – Pursue Achievable Goals!

"Let's only have goals we can go after" - Bono (U2)


rt said...

even i am sticking to mine sir(less shopping) ..till now atleast :)and am proud of it..

Pratibha said...

Sadly am making the usual resoulution Lionel, lose weight, be a better person and get my license to practice which I think are achievable if I actually put my heart into it will let u know as the year progresses.

Anonymous said...

Most of the resolutions that ppl make r achieveable.... among the ten most common resolutions that u hve listed i believe all r achieveable... its jus tat some ppl hve the will to stick to it .... most don't ....The word "achieveable" is very vague... A lot of things are achieveable its just that we need to make up our mind and take steps to make it happen. - Prerana

Anonymous said...

I think, it more or less depends upon your power of thought! How much n how will you all in the mind! Once thats strong enuf..there is nothing called "unacheivable"...! Think bout it...