Saturday, October 28, 2006


If you ever happen to visit the cute 'lil canteen at TAPMI, ask for a sandwich; not any sandwich, but a PARVESH SANDWICH!

Legend has it that one hot afternoon in July of 2005, when the rain was playing truant, the gods appeared to Chef Gopi and taught him how to make the sandwich. Of course, the gods used a medium for the instruction - none other than Parvesh Debuka. He was then in PGP 1. And that's why the sandwich is called Parvesh Sandwich. A mouthful, the name I mean. And so, the girls, prominent being Pavan and Rashmi shortened it to 'Purvee Sandwich'. Indeed I have caught Parvesh or Purvee blush furiously in the initial stages. Now, he does not respond to anything but Purrveeeee....

When the matter was narrated to me in the Finance class, I too rushed to the canteen and tasted the new item on the menu. It tasted; well different. Not like your run of the mill sandwich. It was ambrosia. (Come on..... I ain’t exaggerating) Had a talk with the Chef and Purvee. It was then that I threw a challenge to Purvee - Why not start something? A sandwich chain, maybe. In fact I promised Rs. 10,000 as my contribution to the start up. The whole class was a witness to my offer!

Today, Purrvee is in PGP 2. Chef Gopi has since shifted to the night canteen but not before passing on the technique to the next chef in line. I am not yet poorer by Rs. 10,000.

There are many of you who, after a MBA joined or will join a secure job environment. (I am not against it – I want to ignite minds, hence) Not many think of breaking the monotony; think of being an entrepreneur. Think of being your own boss. Think of innovating and applying what your were/are taught in the confines of your classrooms. Rashmi once wrote to me saying ‘we do so many things everyday without realizing that it actually gives some one an idea or a thought that can change our future’!

In August 2006, 14th August to be precise, I was introduced to Orkut by Purvee and Rashmi. To this day, that is 74 days later; I have 254 friends and 7458 visits to my profile of which 101 visited yesterday. What a powerful tool!

Since I began understanding the nuances of Orkut, I have become restless. Can't I and my 254 friends, their friends and friends of their friends.... start something? Anything worthwhile? Come on......! Put on your thinking caps and lets begin.....! Lets all feel restless....!

Write to me.... Lets do something....anything....other than scrapping each other!

Parvesh, are you reading my blog?

We did start the fire
It has started burning
Since our world started turning
We did start the fire
We did light it
And we are not going to fight it...

(With due apologies to Mr. Billy Joel)


rt said...

thats a brilliant thot sir, many of us have plans of opening up something on our own..but that will be few years down the line..after gaining some experience and some monetary stability ...after paying off loans..
may be these years mite work in the opposite direction and extinguish the fires of entrepreurship in us...we never knw..

on a lighter note: if all of us open shops who will manage them :)

Karthik said...

Nice post, and nice thoughts...

Though I'm curious to know what actually is in that sandwich! You didn't mention it in the post (or is it a secret recipe!!).

pushkarsingh said...

dude , i mean parvesh u r famous remember the treat u gave us on ur bday ...i was at MIT then nikhil manohar s freind...for btw dude one more cool blog though not as exciting as mangalore one

Bul said...

Sir, some of us do have those ambitions... but after a few years in corporate life... wanna know what is MBA teaching me... I just hope the ambition can be realised... and the B-plans dont remain on paper only...

Ankur said...

Encumbered forever by desire and ambition,
there's a HUNGER still unsatisfied..
pun intended..

Rajat said...

If ever i visit the TAPMI campus, i shall surely try to have the P sandwich... :) When doing our MBA's, we all say that we will work for a few years,get some decent experience and then we are ON for enterpreneurship. But..the thing that time people become so comfortable and indebted to their credit card/loan companies, that the whole new way seems to be distant. Infact, jobless students make excellent enterpreneurs... irony of life !!!